Are you looking for advice on how to keep your gums healthy?

At Pickering Dental Care we realise that the basics to happy beautiful smile starts with a healthy mouth.

Maintaining your oral health is vital to avoiding all manners of dental disease and decay, not to mention protecting your overall health. Recent studies have shown a strong relationship between gum disease and medical conditions such as strokes, heart disease, diabetes, bacterial lung infections and many many more.

Alison Grogan our in house hygienist is here to provide the highest level of hygiene treatments specifically tailored to our patient’s individual needs, Alison will advise you on how to maintain good oral hygiene and reduce the risk of dental disease.

Alison will aim to remove all plaque and tartar above and below the gum line so that growth of harmful bacteria can be eliminated and work to prevent hidden problems or diseases, she will also advise you on the most effective toothbrushing  and interdental cleaning techniques to maintain a personal dental hygiene routine.


Why not give your teeth a treat

So whether you need a quick brighten up with a professional scale and polish or a more extensive treatment for gum disease, Alison is here to help!

To find out more about keeping your teeth, gums healthy and clean  please contact us today on 01383 416785 or email info@pickeringdentalcare.co.uk